Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When I read articles like this, I wonder about the motives for austerity. In order that the gap between the rich and poor should continue to grow, and given the rich aren't getting richer fast enough, then the poor must start getting poorer - to keep the gap widening.


  1. The rich should pay more in Income taxes, and the poor much less! When the government says anything about how lowering the GST helps the poor...wrong it helps the rich because they buy more and it is not cheap, so they pay less to the government, than they did before.Those so -called big corporations that get billions off their taxes, do not hire that much..! Think how many billions the government could have now, if they were not so foolish, poitically to cut the GST.

    1. Without the GST rebate, the GST would be a regressive tax affecting the poor most. When the rebate is applied, a GST reduction doesn't make any difference if you don't pay any GST in the first place. Yeah, I agree with you.

      Personally, I didn't notice when the HST here in Nova Scotia went from 15% to 13%. I also didn't notice when the NDP raised it back to 15%. But it is making a difference to the provincial debt (I think, not sure). So again, I agree with you.

  2. Could you please learn the difference and the use of then and than?

  3. Austerity measures occur when a major power shift has already taken place and the winners decide that it is time to take their profits.

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