Thursday, September 3, 2009

A simpler question of confidence

The problem with marking some motion of parliament as a confidence matter is that it complicates the issue. Are you voting for the motion or the government? These two are not the same.

If a motion of non-confidence in the government is introduced by itself with no other provisions, this simplifies the question. Do you have (enough) confidence, or not?

Only if a majority of MPs agree will the government be defeated. In this case, it would require all Liberal, NDP and BQ MPs to agree to defeat the Conservative government. No one of them alone, or even 2 together, could trigger an election.

A simpler question changes the perception when favours and considerations are exchanged as justification for support. Side deals are still possible of course, but more difficult to spin since you have nothing to show for your support - just promises. You really must have confidence in the government if you're going on promises alone, quite literally.

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  1. This is quite amazing, Mario Laguë is killed in the worst way possible and the Mainstream Media does not disclose ANY of the details.

    Is it possible to be any more incompetent than that?

    Thank God, the truth is not entirely ignored.

    It's time for a new Administration. Mario Laguë was the only Communications Director in Canada who was worth listening to and HIS message lives !