Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nice picture

No, not that one, this one:


  1. LOL. The latter picture looks really fake. It's like Harper was forced to look happy and to smile. It's a good thing this had little effect on the MSM, or else those who dont know will once again be fooled by 'fake' advertising.

  2. The first image it art. The second artifice.
    Kind of says it all, doesn't it.


  3. Stockwell looks like "He should have had a V8".

  4. The fact that they all look like criminals is no coincidence. One group is paid to Act like Criminals and the other is paid to act as if they are not.

    Ms. Raitt is a surprising likeness to Mrs. 'soprano'. and flaherty has been a soprano since the 'accident' when he accidentally crossed mike Harris.

    At least the sopranos have a Leader.

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