Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Questions, suggestions for Iggy's tonw hall?

Or suggestions for me, like things to pay attention to, maybe for later blog fodder. I'll be attending his town hall on Thursday. Feel free to offer some comments below. I'm new to politics, I've never been to one of these. Mostly I want to listen to his reactions from others; I hope their ideas are better than mine. I've been spending my idle time over the holidays thinking about stimulus, and honestly I come up short. Another post, perhaps.

I don't expect to learn much that isn't already known. This wouldn't be much of an opportunity to announce anything new, I think.


  1. Ask Ignatieff why he would not work with the NDP and Bloc in accordance with the Accord, to provide Canadians with a government during this coming recession which governs from the progressive centre, as captured in the principles of the Accord?

    With a devastating recession / depression bearing down on us, why fiddle while Rome burns? Why not replace Harper's government (which is still in denial over whether we are now in a recession), by a government representing almost two thirds of the votes cast in the recent election?

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