Monday, December 29, 2008

Is the GG's New Year Message confusing, or is it me?

The Governor General's New Year Message left me confused. I agree with Impolitical the message seems intended for Mr. Harper to be less partisan. I also agree he probably won't pay much attention. I could interpret this message to mean Mr. Harper would not get an election call if defeated on confidence.

But what confuses me is, if the GG wants cooperation, why did she let the PM off so easily? Why no conditions on prorogation? Perhaps the message of cooperation is intended for the coalition to support Mr. Harpers' budget in January and cooperate with him. Perhaps this is a message she would call an election and not call for the coalition. I'll continue to ruminate on this, but it seems unlikely - keep reading.

"invent new ways of living together" - is a coalition a new way of living together? I'm hopeful this is what she means. Even more interesting, it is followed by "It is up to us to seize that opportunity." IMHO the opposition should wait and hear the budget... but OTOH has Flaherty or Harper given up more realistic numbers as demanded by Iggy?

"The 'fend for yourself' mentality has no place in an interdependent world" - I have no idea to what this refers. I could twist this to support my liberal view, but surely that isn't what the GG means. Comments are welcome on this one.


  1. Maybe I'm just cynical but it seems like empty rhetoric designed to make amends for her dreadful decision to grant Harper his unconditional prorogue. That is assuming that her staff wrote the speech and not the PMO.

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