Friday, December 12, 2008

On the other hand

Every so often I read through the Blogging Tories. Progressive Bloggers gets a little repetitive when you read it as often as I do.

I read this post: Searching for Liberty: Mr. Harper - You have an option, sir!

Well said. Indeed, he had many options.

But what I like best about this blog post, was that it was not sensationalist, distorted or disgustingly partisan. It was an honest expression of opinion.

I also found this post "Prime Minister Material" by Reading the comments showed 100% support for Mr. Harper. Again, I didn't find the article sensationalist, distorted or disgustingly partisan. But it makes me re-think an earlier post. The attitude there strikes me as "Well, you can't blame our side for trying to push through some things we wanted - what did you expect? Oh well, no harm no foul."

I must remind myself that others see public funding of political parties as a waste of tax revenue, that the people who support the parties should provide the funding, and that it is wrong for their tax money to fund opposing parties. I see it quite differently of course, and I'm not alone.

But my point is these people don't see the poison pill as a dirty, partisan trick like I do. And the ensuing crisis and coalition threat appears to them as itself a dirty, partisan trick of the opposition. A minority must feel to them like a special hell, having come to power and now denied their due (I mean this parliament, not the last).

But until the Conservatives actually deliver a majority, my sympathy ends there.

It looks like things may be backing down. But until they do the opposition must keep their guard up. coalition at the ready.

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  1. Conservatives do actually support Harper.

    Why? Look at where the political right was when he took over in 2001-02, and look at where it is now.

    Also, there is a desire to avoid a recurrence of "Tory Syndrome".
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